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Bad Actors, Recalls, and the Green Parties in the USA

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Jenni's idea-of-the-day, Oct. 3, 2013, day-3 of the Next Great US Government Shutdown since the 28 day shutdown of 1996(?), 17 years earlier:

I think the Glossary Link GPUS and all state parties should start calling for recall elections of the "bad actors" in state legislatures AND in Congress in ALL 50 States! Start now, continue into 2014 and 2016. Lead all other policy issue changes and Glossary Link GP candidates promotions with this!

One most recent rationale: The radical right in 26 of the 50 states has successfully undermined The Affordable Care Act's "Medicaid expansions" in those states such that almost all "poverty line" and below poverty line citizens will NOT get either the extensions, or possibly even basic Medicaid help any longer! The majority of these people are black! So said Deutche Welle TV ( this 9/3 afternoon in a replay on SF free DTV of one of their Thursday 9/3 stories aired earlier in the EU. One URL to the story on their web site is this one, "Obama heath care law divides America." I'm looking for 1+ more at this writing.

PS: the German Green Party is in the midst of an internal struggle for who controls the party in the wake of Angela Merkel's big win of her Christian Democrats in Parliament, but not a one-party-controls-all majority, and her re-election as Chancellor. The German Glossary Link GP membership is divided between the "further left eco lefties" who have had MP seats in the last decade if not two decades and the newly powerful and power-grabbing "moderate Greens" who want to make the GP more attractive to Merkel's CDU party so it will agree to a CDU+GP coalition that might have all the ministerial seats between just those two parties.

To me this is hugely interesting as possibly a similar "internal struggle" could occur in the Glossary Link GPUS, in the Glossary Link GPCA where I try to help with IT, and in other state parties. At the very least we should consider how to prepare for such eventualities. Is the GPUS, GP-all-state-parties sufficiently "open" to such an eventuality now? Does it exclude the "further left" or the "more moderates" now? If so or not, how can the GP build coalitions on SOME issues and candidates with other Third Parties like Peace and Freedom, etc. so that "third party candidates" and their policies get a "foot in their respective legislatures" if we don't understand "who" are our members and their diversity of opinions?

It also suggests a "meta issue" the GPUS and all state parties could or should be considering as part of a "unified pitch" (one of several consistent messages or mantra) to the general public for the next 3+ years: "the GPUS and it's state parties could bring more diversity to legislatures and Congress NOW thru 2016 if and when the 'bad actors' therein are removed and replaced with sane, capable Greens who MOST CERTAINLY will work to promote the greater social good."

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