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Are you reading too many articles on the New York Times web site by first finding a link to the article here on (CAGI), clicking that link and being sent to the NYT web site?  The NYT web site will "complain," if you are and ask you to subscribe!  If so, email me a.s.a.p. saying that is your experience.

I, JGW the CAGI site builder-maintainer, have saved a copy of every article I have the CAGI site link-to on the Internet.  I will see if I need permission from the New York Times to publish a plain text copy (a copy with no or very few pictures) of the NYT articles I reference on this CAGI web site. If I have their permission, I will then duplicate the linked-to articles as plain text articles stored and accessible on this web site. The original link to the NYT article that exists on this web site will NOT go away!

With the article copy on this site, then you can read as many of the copied and copyrighted articles as you like.  The New York Times will not bother you to sign up for a paid subscription to their online news.  I, the CAGI site owner-operator, may not have to pay the NYT a fee to offer their news for educational purposes.

But also I, JGW, can also begin to make "short courses" on progressive topics to appear on this web site in future weeks and months.  The "short courses" will use many references to New York Times and other national news outlets' articles as well as opinions of columnists in these and other newspapers.