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Posted first to Facebook 2019.10.23 afternoon PDT:

FYI I have had a "news aggregation" and re-display web site project underway for several years. Currently the almost upgraded site originally to be only for California Greens is this site, (CAGI). But I have another similar site for national news, (USGI) which is almost empty of useful content at this writing.

To summarize my plans for these two sites:

(1) I have to add more news web links to this CAGI site which I've kept off-line. There are several hundred of them covering several years or MSM and alt-news like Democracy Now, BBC, Guardian, DW TV, TeleSur, Univision.  Its been impossible for me to "capture" all news. But I think I got the "gist" and enough to show "trends" -- usually towards far right policies and their 'new world order' -- in the digital news clips I accumulated on-site and for several recent years off-site.
(2) When the "web links" on CAGI are up-to-date, I will use a web site software tool to copy all of them to the USGI site. 
(3) Thereafter the CAGI site's news web links will go back to being mostly California news of most interest to progressives and the GPCA.  USGI will have more and more other state news plus national news of most interest to progressives and all GPs in the USA, existing and being created. 
(4) I need and both sites need other progressives' opinions and recommendations and their digital news clippings about what news is "of most interest" to them and maybe "why" it is so interesting and important to USA Greens and Greens in their states.  

If any readers want to help me collect such news, please send me your digital "news clippings" to jenni.woodward@sonicnet with "[USGI]" as the first text in the email's subject line.

Then put whatever additional subject identification information you want in the subject line.

In the email body put the URL (the link) to the news article. If the prefix of the URL does not make it clear what news agency web published this news clip, please add the "plain text" title of that agency.

In the email body also make constructive remarks about any "progressive", pro-socialist, pro dem-socialist, and/or pro-Green Party remarks you may have   PLEASE NO HATE SPEECH as comments and no ad-hominem rants about HRC or other dems -- or greens.  "Vent" that b.s. on FB if you must.  But if you've got provable "dirt" on them,  I.e. you have some hard verifiable and verified evidence, please share what you have so I can put it on the USGI site.

Thank you.