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A Proposed GPCA Assessment
of a Candidate's Qualifications and Capabilities

The "meta" (highest level) questions of the survey are:
"Is the prospective (or actual) candidate..."

  • ...qualified to hold and "do well in" the electoral office they seek to win? jgw 11.12.20
  • ...competent to run a campaign for the office s/he seeks? jgw 11.12.20
  • ...capable of running, funding, managing and/or supervising their campaign? jgw 11.12.20
  • ...selecting a competent capable campaign manager, together (mgr + candidate) selecting campaign staff, attracting, engaging and managing suitable volunteers? jgw 11.12.20

Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward
version jw0.2 (a.k.a. jw-draft 2) (draft 0.1 was 10.03.29)

Introduction to the draft survey questions that follow:
This is my (JGW's) second draft of some possible, necessary (but not yet sufficient or "complete" or well-formed) questions. Necessary means: the candidate really must be able to answer this question "satisfactorially." Sufficient means: we have not left out an important question. Over time we refine the questions and "converge" on what we believe is a necessary and sufficient list of them. Complete means: we, the survey designers and refiners, have done our best possible effort to determine what are the commonly used "necessary and sufficient" questions for this kind of survey, and to determine what are the "special Green / Green Party" questions that a "truly GP candidate" needs to answer "satisfactorially" or better.

After an election, the feedback from the candidates who won and lost are obviously "too late" for that election cycle, but nevertheless their feedback will be invaluable to improve these surveys and our results in the next election cycle!