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Ok, for now, 11.09.25, I just have the article title which is the same as the subject of this article:

What if the Green Party created a Shadow Congress?

Some attributes of the proposed Green Party Shadow Congress might be:

  • GOP members of congress could be represented by actors, perhaps comic actors.
  • Dem members of Congress could be represented by actors, perhaps comic actors as well.
  • Green Party members of Congress take over, say, all the Blue Dog Democrat seats in this shadow congress. Those GP senators and representatives might be progressive actors or very articulate progressive activists or potential candidates "rehearsing" the role or even actual GP candidates.
  • Hold mock senate and house floor meetings or committee meetings for one to two hours once or twice a month based on past and current events in the US Congress, like a "moot court" in law school or the old defunct "Great Decisions" series that was on PBS. Record them on a sound stage in high definition video.
  • If scripted to any degree, "we" need to recruit liberal writers like Aaron Sorkin (West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip).
  • Put the video stream online.

More remarks to come soon...