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However, I just finally started reading Peter Cameo's "memoirs" titled North Star this early June 2013. He "glows" about just such a 3 third party liason back in the 1990s, I think it was. He was the GPUS candidate for President in 1996, and the VP candidate when Nader ran as the GP US candidate for President in 2004.  I can definitely see the "point" and the power of "solidarity" at least on the issue of exclusion of 3rd parties, all three of us: the GP, PFP, & LP in California elections. So this issue seems to me now to be a matter of degree and circumstantial mutual opportunities to get at least one 3rd party's candidate into, say, a state office.  Additionally there may be opportunities "to lobby together" on 1+ particular progressive issue of strong mutual interest. In short we the GPCA ought to keep cordial amicable intentions of cooperation among the members and leadership of the three parties!

Then the questions remain:

  • How in more detail are our three parties the same and different?
  • What are those mutual interest state-wide and local issues?
  • Who, if any, are the mutually agreeable candidates "we three parties" can all support?
  • When does the GPCA need to be exclusive in its focus on policies and candidates the primarily advance the goals and objectives just of the GPCA? I.e. when must we not be helping so much the PFP and LP?
  • And that leads me to another question I'm going to be harping more about in the future:

    The GPCA needs an information and public relations (PR) "officer," probably already called the Media manager who is an expert at generating and distributing GP information to the mass media outlets including Internet sites.

    In my opinion this person needs to (1) keep the activists and occasionally active members much better informed (by reading, summarizing, reporting meeting minutes, if not also attending the teleconferences of them all), (2) keep the party-members at-large (now almost 200K) much better informed, and (3) whip-up the "likely voters" not yet registered as Green with literature and flyers with 1st class talking points that urge them to register as Green!

I may extend these remarks in coming weeks and months. Other CAGI site readers please feel free to add helpful comments to this now-short article that constructively extend them as well. Thank you.