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Generic TypesLifestyle Types
  • Currently Registered Greens
  • Voters for Nader in 1996
  • Voters for Nader in 2000
  • Voters for Nader in 2004
  • Voters for Cynthia McKinney in 2000?
  • Youth voters for Obama in 2008
  • People (youth, adults, life-long learners) who want, or demand, free or very low cost access to education and educational materials (e.g. textbooks)
  • People who respect and highly value ethnic, cultural, racial diversity, small-c christianity, small-m muslims, small-j jews, buddhists, wiccans, synteses of eastern and western religions, inclusive inter-faith dialogues, spiritual or non-spiritual progressives
  • Feminists who can define feminism as more than "equal pay for equal work" and "sexual promiscuity as available and 'safe' as it allegedly is for men."
  • Progressive / Liberal / Left-Leaning Independents voters who dislike Blue Dog Democrats
  • Progressive / Liberal / Left-Leaning Independents who dislike the unprovoked USA invasion of Iraq
    More independent left-leaning supporters of the propositions:
  • Do you favor taxing the rich? (progressive taxes)
  • Do you want Universal Health Care?
  • Independent Voters in general!
    40% of the U.S. electorate is registered Independent, says founder Jackie Salit in April 2012
  • Vegetarians
  • Vegans
  • People who subscribe to "Vegetarian Times"
  • People who no longer eat red meat
  • People who eat more fish than animal meat
  • People who go to hot tubs and saunas, or who have a hot tub or sauna
  • People who get massage
  • People who exchange massage
  • People who subscribe to "Massage" magazine(?)
  • People who read "Common Ground"
  • People who have taken vitamin supplements for years
  • People with stable partnerships not in need of a religious marriage service
  • People who favor the legalization of marijuana
  • People who support same-sex marriage (with accompanying rights of inheritance, insurance coverage, hospital spouse visitation rights)
  • People who own a Prius or other hybrid vehicle
  • People who wish they owned a Prius or other hybrid or an all electric vehicle
  • Birders; Hikers; Bike riders
  • Members of the Sierra Club
  • Members of Friends of the Earth
  • Members and supporters of (not duped by MoveOn's uncritical pro-dem push in 2012)
  • Members of Food Not Bombs
  • Members of Act-Up
  • Protesters at Occupy camp-outs, sit-ins, and rallies
  • Anti-HATER people, especially from college and college drop-outs.
California Voter Types 1 California Voter Types 2
  • 40+ y.o. voters who signed the petition that got the GPCA recognized as a legal political party in California.
  • Voters for Matt Gonzalez for SF Mayor (2004?)
  • Voters who wished they could have voted for Matt Gonzalez for SF Mayor
  • Voters for Peter Camejo for Cal. Governor in 200(?)
  • Voters who were against the recall of Gov. Grey Davis newly elected to his 2nd term in 200?
  • Voters who voted for or against Prop. 13 (reduce or eliminate property taxes for the elderly home owners) but who wanted replacement taxes enacted a.s.a.p. once it passed