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A more fundamental site-administrator's reason to have these two upgrade sites are three:

  1. Not all of the Third Party extensions that I have added to the CAGI-J15 site in the last 3.5 years are yet available for a Joomla 3.0.x or 3.1.x site. Almost are now for a 2.5.x site.
  2. I want to be able to upgrades from a "previous site" to the current or next-live site almost on a whim; certainly doing so within, say, 30 minutes when something minor or major goes wrong on the current "live site" and the "live site" needs to "roll back" to the state and content of the "most previous" live site.
  3. To do that efficiently, I need to learn much better how the free jUpgrade 2.5.2 and jUpgrade PRO 3.0.1 somewhat flawed Third Party extensions work, how they can be more easily improved to transfer (a.k.a "port" or migrate) ALL the source site's normal and 3rd party code and normal (standard Joomla) database tables and ALL the source site's 3rd party extensions' table date to the TARGET SITE.  "Migration" as the jUpgrade extension code developers call it, can be hellish unless and until the site administrator has a certain level of mastery of the upgrading process with this tool.  As is often the case with "free open source system" (FOSS) code, the developers of it seldom provide adequate system administrator and end-user documentation for it!

The Primary Mission of the CAGI site since March 2010 has been to accumulate, reorder, and present to the general public and to USA State Greens and to California Greens in particular, usefull, educational, progressive, political, and organizational information.  But "information" albeit less than on this site in some w ays, is what the official site has done since it was launched in Fall 2011.  So it is also my hope to model on CAGI-J15 how to display "more information" in more helpful ways to be determined if at worst by trial-and-error on THIS site.  It also is my (JGW's) hope that with test FOrum discussions, GPCA working groups and committee sections, and project management enabled on THIS site, the progressive and campaigning information collected here can help Grow, Mature, Mobilize, and Assist the "leadership" and the membership of the Green Party of California and of the other USA State Green parties nation-wide.  Therefore as of mid September 2013, this CAGI-J15 site will continue to contain up-to-date and all past 3.5 years of submitted content.  The two J25 upgrading-in-progress sites: CAGI-J25 and J2.5.6 Upgrade, will contain most-to-all of the same content, but incrementally much better navigation, presentation of information, and better private member Forum discussions, logged-in inter-member communications and GPCA and campaign project management information.  When one or the other is sufficiently "Stable" to be the LIVE CAGI site, it will be and the CAGI-J15 site will disappear.

Reversing my Site News claim of 13.08.30, I, JGW, the CAGI site's creator, builder and primary content contributor, will be adding new content to the existing the CAGI-J25 site from now on!  However until I can complete the Joomla! CMS upgrade process completely, making CAGI-J25 functionally equivalent and better than CAGI-J15, which is a surprisingly tedious process with the free upgrade tools available to Joomla site developers, I have temporarily reduced my efforts to keep either site up-to-date or "current" with the latest or most recent content articles or web links in the "threads" (sequences of progressive commentary by well known authors). I hope these "threads" are clearly evident in the Site Content Views and Web Links sections of this CAGI-J15 site and have been very useful to site visitors and users thus far.

Upgrading free open source CMS systems and the added-on independent mostly-free third party code (called extensions for the Joomla! CMS) is complex and takes place without the usual end-user (site owner, operator, builder) "leverage," guidance and urgency that might take place if these highly useful bundles of code were commercial... and the site owner-operators-builders were all sufficiently "rich" to pay for better, quicker, more timely releases of "fixes" and "upgrades."  The biggest delays imposed on site owner-users occur because most of the third party add-on code developers, the free and low-cost Extension developers for the Joomla! CMS, have little incentive to improve their code so it will install, configure and run well or better on new major releases of the host CMS, i.e. Joomla! in this case, at the same pace as the CMS core code developers choose to take.

The "new" CAGI-J25 uses the next-to latest major version of Joomla!, Joomla! 2.5.x, where the 'x' is the minor version number.  To be specific, the CAGI-J25 site uses Joomla! v2.5.14, the latest minor release in the 2.5 series.  The Joomla! core CMS code developers released the first J2.5.0 core CMS code in 2011 and have released minor upgrades to it since that time.  In early 2013 they released the Joomla! 3.1.x major version.  For simplicity: "works better than J2.5.x versions." CAGI-J25 and CAGI-J31 in-development sites exist now. Both "dash-" sites are IN-DEVELOPMENT. YOU WILL EXPERIENCE SOME PROBLEMS and missing site-features using CAGI-J25, but hopefully not too many to stop you from visiting and reading frequently.  All CAGI-J15 site features, i.e. features active now on this site, abbreviated here as CAGI-J15, WILL NOT BE FULLY FUNCTIONAL ON CAGI-J25 FOR A FEW MORE WEEKS.

As I said in my last "site news" article in late December 2012, too-too-too many weeks ago, I, JGW the WLTRes web site creator, developer and thus far the sole content provider have worked 3/4 to full-time, on-spec (for free) to since mid 2011 to build-out and enrich content on this special Joomla! powered web site I created for the possibly use of the Green Party of California, Elsewhere in "sites' news I outlined my efforts to UPGRADE this Joomla! version 1.5.26 site to the latest major version, J3.1.x, or to the next-most major version, J2.5.x.  This learning and practice-upgrading process using the FREE jUpgrade and jUpgradePRO Joomla! extensions as been a PITOA: pain in the other anterior buttock area, i.e. posterior buttock; you fill in the vulgar other english word for that body part.

As of late July 2013, I FINALLY optimized for my 3 sites including this CAGI site, how to repeated try using jUpgradePro. In the last attempt I was successful. With lessons learned from previous painful because they were so frustrating attempts, I WILL BE FINISHING THE MANUAL UPGRADES which neither jUpgrade nor jUpgradePro allows the site owner/administrator to perform automatically!  THIS COULD TAKE ME ANOTHER SEVERAL WEEKS, working part-time.

Why do I bother with extensions that do not work as advertised, with extensions especially jUpgrade and jUpgradePro which do not have adequate site administrator documentation which in turn forces, coerces, the site administrator and owner (in this case both being me) to pay the jUpgrade developers for their upgrade-consulting services!  This is an act of "Bait and Switch" as it is has been called in the USA for 4-5+ decades.  "Bait and Switch" is an illegal practice when advertising and selling "hard good" (things you can touch, feel, use physically); yet it is a practice increasingly wide-spread with respect to advertising, giving away free, and then forcing the free-buyers to become dependent on the product or service and pay for consultants or a "pro" version so the product or service will work correctly, efficiently and effectively!