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Site News as of 18.12.10
and 19.02.16

As of Dec. 10, 2018, I have changed my first priority for this CAGI site to finding a few smarter, stronger,intelligent, articulate, and  real California Greens who are already finding and offering us comments about A+ news reports important for progressives to understand that are located elsewhere on Facebook and on other main stream and not so main stream news outlets also on the Internet.

If you are such an eager civilian Green reporter, please sign up for an account on this web site.

19.02.16 Update: I had my 1st replacement aorta valve, that lasted 18 years, replaced by STENT (a relatively new procedure) on November 19, 2018. Recovery from a "stent" operation is faster than for "open heart surgery" I had in March 2000. But recovery is still slower than I had hoped for partly due to my age, 74, and the shock of having a fast-failing first valve that for 3.5 weeks I thought was 'bronchitis'. Oops! All is better now and I have help at home to ease my recovery.

The good news for the CAGI and USGI sites I created and maintain is that I have resumed "cleaning up" the many-years old archive file of news links I collected but did not add to either CAGI or USGI sites.  I've also in recent weeks resumed adding new "current affairs" news links to that file. The "old news" links in the file began in late 2013 when my CAGI site was hacked twice. For ugly technical reasons I could not add links to an updated CAGi site for several years. And my habit was to NOT add news links of interest for every day of the week and year.  So I collected in the news archive file more news links of interest in each subsequent year, but not for every day of the year.

The Joomla! Core Developer people fixed the ugliest of the technical problems eventually; turns out those problems which these young developers created affected everyone using Joomla! to make their web sites. I am currently half way through "cleaning up" the 2016 news links I collected that year.

When the news links archive file is cleaned 'completely' (or as much as possible) through some current date probably in Q2 2019, I hope to automate the copying of the file's contents into a format that the CAGI site's database can IMPORT. You site users and visitors will get a new Site News article when those events happen.


Make comments about what you like (or don't like) when you can.