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Site News as of 2018.01.24
January 24, 2018

JGW 18.01.25 Problems: For "most interesting" content, albeit still no more recent than 2014, use the Web Links menu.
IGNORE the Site Content and Site Content Views Menu-Items for now.
They are "broken" and go nowhere on the site except to an error message web page.  If by mistake you get to that error message web page, look for the Home Page button in the lower right side of that page and click it to get back to "normal" and useful web pages and menus.

This Site is now the LIVE CAGreenIDEAS site.  Site content is not added from 2014 through 2017 because during that time-period serious technical problems persisted with the Joomla! CMS, on which this web site is built, problems which seriously delayed what is technically called the migration of the old 2010-2014 CAGI Joomla! 1.5 version of this site to the latest Joomla! 3.8 version of the site.  Those technical problems are now mostly solved and except for the missing 2014-2017 content this site is as up-to-date as it can be.  I, JGW, the site founder, administrator and lead content contributor and manager, will be adding the 2014-2017 to this site as soon as possible. 

In my opinioin, Greens in California need to have the most up-to-date news and news analysis -- from both the main stream media and from the most thoughtful Greens among us -- to be better able to pick our candidates for office, to better support our candidates, and for our candidates to be most attractive to more Green and non-Green progressive voters in Primary and General Elections.

Main Stream Media (MSM) news of most interest to progressives in 2014 through 2017, which I, JGW the site founder, administrator and lead content contributor and manager, would normally add to this site on a daily basis, I had to put in a now very long private unpublished list of content (mostly web links to news stories in the msm).  Normally I would aggreagates (collect) that news here, categorize and sub-categorize it so site users can easily find it; and I would also tag these news items with multiple topic-tags for even better site user searching.  I am now in the process of adding, categorizing the missing 2014-2017 content to this site.  I will need to "tag" all the old and new content "appropriately" as well once the new content is added. 

So revisit the site often, and if article categories or sub-categories are web pubished, look at the article content categories often.  Add constructive comments to those articles, and suggestions for what and where-are better articles on the web, if you have any. Also make forum comments about what content you like or think needs to be here on this site to keep Green better informed and more politically astute (wise).  But also perform various content searches to see what is old and what is new, what is interesting and what is not.  And find out how in a given topic it all makes more sense what the evil right wing in the USA has een doing tour country for decades.  If any or all of that "does not work well for you," SAY SO immediately in a Forum topic.