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This WP multisite with a state site and site for all this state’s counties is for the exclusive use of GP IT people, content developers and content translators.  These and the more technically minded will received accounts on this or these sites in order to not only build-our draft content for live GP sites but also to test, evaluate and recommend improvements site, or sites’,  features & content-development tools and technique as better web tools improve GP staff and volunteers’ work for the GP.

This multisite includes a test-only unofficial state-wide site and a test site for each of all this states counties, each county-site existing here as a separate — yet integrated — test-only and unofficial GP site in this WP network of sites.   State and County Site Content Developers please request an account on the network of sites or on 1+ of the county sites by emailing Jennifer Woodward, this multisite developer.  Include your qualifications for the work you want to do, or links to that information elsewhere on-the-web.  Also if you can include some proof (like a picture of your voter registration card in addition to your avatar-picture) that you are a Green voter.

With an account confirmed by email you will receive, log in, create new draft documents or copy-and-paste documents on a LIVE state or county site to the appropriate test site here, revise the documents here, and copy-and-paste the final-draft of them back to the LIVE site(s) when ready.

As a whole and as individual sites, this networked WP site is also for testing, identifying, evaluating and refining what WP site features work better, and what site user people, Green volunteer site users’,  individual and collaborative work processes work better,.  The results to be documented here, kept confidential from non-Greens, and available only with special content-access permissions will help GP leaders and members in the state and counties including old and new IT people, content developers, and content translators.  This way our GPs, small and large, achieve collectively and collaborative our goals of the GPs in the USA.

Those tests also discover what WP features should be avoided.  In short: “best practices” on a networked WP multisite can be determined here.

In the longer-term view: test results the users of this site discover work better and best here,  we with the appropriate skills can transfer to our LIVE GP web sites, some running live and online for years, others relative new but with very little content yet.  In these way these test sites and Greens’ work on them to improve them helps improve all our LIVE GP sites, their functions, services and content provided to improve the performance and effectiveness of the Green leadership and the GP membership at-large and provide the better political education and motivation of those not yet, but most likely to be, Green Party voters and even activists.

May this be so…

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…if state GP GOTV database workers upload and "clean up' some voter information that information for the state and/or for 1+ counties, their work-progress results should be displayed here.

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