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About the Butte County Greens and Green Party Web Site

More information will be summarized here on this web page soon probably information submitted by your county’s Greens.

Until those country Greens are ready to contribute and even take over this county site, VOLUNTEERS are needed to help me and learn from what needs “doing.”  Greens in this county with IT experience who have some time to help me maintain this county site, maybe who also later can takeover all maintenance of it some day, please volunteer by filling out and submitting the Sign-Up Form at  Those county Greens who want to be county web site content providers please use that Sign-Up form as well,

Volunteer bilingual translators, English <-> Spanish, of existing WP pages and post are needed too.  When volunteering by the Sign-Up form mentioned above, in all these cases (IT, content authoring and managing, translating content) please include some background in your respective skills or a link to them elsewhere on-the-web.  Thank you for helping, if and when you can…

If you have constructive remarks and suggestions that could make this web page and these instructions better, please email me,  JGW, this test site founder, first site administrator and site content maintainer.

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A GPCA Test Site for this county now and for cities in this county later.