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In order to learn other California Greens concerns, as of 7/22/21 I am a member of these GPCA email lists: agenda-team, Alt-Media, bylaws, Gpca-atdwg, gpca-forum, gpca-grow, gpca-inform, gpca-it, gpca-ptf, gpca-votes, green-issues-wg, SGA, and womens-caucus. I hope to be an active participant just in gpca-it through the Recall Election of Sept. 14, 2021. ---- ---- ---- See: JGW-SanFrancisco.org for resume excerpts. See: SevaWebSites.org for some of my CMS-based live web sites and politically progressive demo/test sites in-development. Self-taught Computer Programmer, Systems Designer-Builder-Trainer since 1966; self-taught CMS and LMS architect since 1998. CMSes: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, CiviCRM. LMSes: Moodle.

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