AWSTATS DATA FILE 7.8 (build 20200416) # If you remove this file, all statistics for date 202305 will be lost/reset. # Last config file used to build this data file was /home/all2cee/tmp/awstats/ # Position (offset in bytes) in this file for beginning of each section for # direct I/O access. If you made changes somewhere in this file, you should # also remove completely the MAP section (AWStats will rewrite it at next # update). BEGIN_MAP 28 POS_GENERAL 2007 POS_TIME 2677 POS_VISITOR 8907 POS_DAY 9016 POS_DOMAIN 3300 POS_LOGIN 3522 POS_ROBOT 3677 POS_WORMS 4178 POS_EMAILSENDER 4309 POS_EMAILRECEIVER 4452 POS_SESSION 9091 POS_SIDER 9237 POS_FILETYPES 4587 POS_DOWNLOADS 4666 POS_OS 4733 POS_BROWSER 4808 POS_SCREENSIZE 4881 POS_UNKNOWNREFERER 4955 POS_UNKNOWNREFERERBROWSER 5042 POS_ORIGIN 5124 POS_SEREFERRALS 5254 POS_PAGEREFS 5398 POS_SEARCHWORDS 5546 POS_KEYWORDS 5698 POS_MISC 2341 POS_ERRORS 5757 POS_CLUSTER 3378 POS_SIDER_404 5844 END_MAP # LastLine = Date of last record processed - Last record line number in last log - Last record offset in last log - Last record signature value # FirstTime = Date of first visit for history file # LastTime = Date of last visit for history file # LastUpdate = Date of last update - Nb of parsed records - Nb of parsed old records - Nb of parsed new records - Nb of parsed corrupted - Nb of parsed dropped # TotalVisits = Number of visits # TotalUnique = Number of unique visitors # MonthHostsKnown = Number Account Registration | The GPCA 2022 State-Wide Supplemental GOTV Work Results Site

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    …if state GP GOTV database workers upload and "clean up' some voter information that information for the state and/or for 1+ counties, their work-progress results should be displayed here.

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