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The content of this site, abbreviated here as CAGI-J3x, is an upgraded Joomla major-version of the 2014-2016 Joomla version 2.5 site. Previously that J2.5 site was the never-finished result of my first upgrade from the original 2010 CAGI site, a still functioning AOK Joomla version 1.5 site.   However because so many years have passed to get the original CAGI site to Joomla major version 3, there are technical reasons why at this writing the web hosting service that presents these versions of CAGI to you cannot currently present the old, still AOK CAGI-J15 site.  If I could, you would have its content to read and not have this somewhat technical excuse instead.  Mea Culpa.

This CAGI-J3x BETA site is beta because (1) it is still somewhat ugly, and (2) not all the menu items presented to you, the site content viewer, menu items currently in the right-hand-side (RHS) column of most web pages, are not connected to the site content those menu items are supposed to display. 

This CAGI-J3x site is beta also because (3) all of the article categories (496) on this site are still not properly sorted and arranged in an outline form to make it easier for you the site content viewer to find and read and to find related content material to read. 

NOT TO WORRY.  I, JGW, the site founder, and primary site content contributor, am hard at work completing the menu "content targeting" and the article categories sorting and "re-nesting" of categories and sub-categories to create -- I HOPE -- a much more useful outline display of article categories than was possible to present to you on the old Joomla 1.5 site, a.k.a. cagi-j15. 

Stay tuned (i.e. check back often) to see what has changed for the better and what more you can read and learn about "news of most interest and use to progressives." I believe that news must be major events which alarmed most of us, but also which most of us forget after a few days or weeks.  Or at least we forgot most of the details of these alarming news items.  It is news that has occurred in the last 9 years since "The Great Recession" of 2008.  It is news that our progressive parties, including Green Parties, and our candidates and campaigns need to know -- at least to some small extent greater then does our opposition.  We need to know a "good portion" of these facts better than our opposition to present ourselves well in public and to defeat the arguments of the conservatives who hold so much power in the USA now in 2017, to also defeat the right-wing libertarians, and neo-liberal democrats who may run against our candidates to win public office. 

Maybe just maybe this information resource will help more Greens and Our Revolution progressives win public offices in 2018.