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Site Tech News as of 2019.05.12

This site is to be the LIVE CAGI site primarily for the use of California Greens, and secondarily for the use of US Greens. But then, if there is wider interest, the site will be for the uses of other progressives in other progressive US political parties and then for anyone else of any party to read and use as they will, albeit with less printing and searching and saving facilities for non-progressives.

Only verified progressives starting with registered California Green Party members get login accounts on this CAGI and a subset of them on request of by invitation get the ability to add content to this CAGI site. These restrictions will remain until I have finished developing and testing the "USA nation-wide version" of this California site, "", abbreviated: USGI.  CAGI is a news aggregation sites which I started in 2010.  I am narrowing the scope of the aggregated news collected and shown on CAGI so the news is mostly about California and the news of most interest to California progressives and to our California Green Party members in particular.  The USGI site will aggregate and serve site users main stream establishment news and alternative progressive news and views of most interest to Green progressives, their parties and their candidates in all 50 states and the 4-6 US territories.

A Short Tech Lesson: Most of you who got to this CAGI site's "Tech News" web page used the URL "". The previous highlighted string is the site's URL which is also the site's domain name.  If you look at your browser tab's web site address bar, you will notice that the shorter URL, this site's domain name, changed after you pressed return so the site's eventual complete URL has the 'technical name' of this specific site, which is the suffix 'cagi-j37' added at the end of the URL.  You can also get your browser "here" by typing "" in your browser's address bar and press RETURN.  I.e. you can get your browser 'here' using the shorter or the longer URL.  This longer URL string is the site's domain name plus the site's sub-domain name, cagi-j37. Thus endeth the very short tech lesson for today...

The next version of this CAGI site exists, is in development and it has the 'technical name' cagi-j3x, which like cagi-j37, is also called a sub-domain name.  I mention it here so you can see what progress if any I have made on this site and on the "next version" of the site.  However at this writing cagi-j3x is UGLY in many off-putting ways, especially if you are not someone deep into web site building. Nevertheless to see it, just click on the highlighted link that follows or copy and paste the string "" into your browser web site address field and press RETURN.

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