Green Party Actions include demonstrations, protests, sit-downs (slowing or stopping business as usual in the targeted business), union organizing (or facilitating their organizers), inter-union organizing (to help 2+ unions coordinate and execute joint-strikes).

For each Green Party (or coalition in a party) actions also include tabling to register more greens and hand-out literature about GP candidates, GP (and/or GP coalition) favored policies, the 10 Key Values (in summary and elaborated) and perhaps consciousness raising what is Green democratic socialism,

It also includes phone banking, precinct walking, handing-out , voting slates, and GOTV efforts: arranging and supervising rides for voters, engaging in these and other get-out-the-vote activities during an election season.

This content section of this site summarizes whatever “action” events may exist similarly-named sections in the Events content section.

…if state GP GOTV database workers upload and "clean up' some voter information that information for the state and/or for 1+ counties, their work-progress results should be displayed here.

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